As you know, there are two V9990 Powergraph batches on the way, the first with 38 cartridges (and already closed) and another one that will have 30 cartridges and still running.

We need to remember you that we take in count the payment order. In the last time that we saw the list, 21 cartridges already been sold. So, if you didn't pay, is better hurry! And if you want one of this babies, you have chance yet!

Some people are asking about cables. The V9990 Powergraph don't come with cables, but, we are thinking to make some adapters for sell. We will provide the DB15 pinout, so anyone can do your own adapter or cable.

The boards are in production and the prediction is that in 10 to 15 days we will put our hands on to start the assembly.

Follow any new batch accessing the links on the side menu "New Batches".

Thank you by your support!

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