V9990 Powergraph Rev2 - is sold out...

Hello Tecnobyters!

The new batch of V9990 Powergraph Rev2 cartridge was a success!

Thank you all!


Last units available...

Hello Tecnobyters!

The sales are going on!

Netherlands, Japan, Austria, Spain, South Korea, United Kingdom, Italy and Brazil are the countries that will receive the new version of V9990 Powergraph cartridge!

Few units availables yet.

Thank you for supporting us!


V9990 Powergraph rev2 still available

Hello Tecnobyters!

We rearrange the stock distrubuition of V9990 Powergraph rev2 cartridge, moving some units initialy reserved to brazilian market to the worlwide stock!

So, we have some more units available right now for you!

Thank you by support us!


V9990 Powergraph Rev.2

Hello Tecnobyters, we have news for you!

Our top 1 in sales is back and better!

The V9990 Powergraph Rev.2 cartridge comes with a VGA 15khz compatible output. What is mean? Now all pins on RGB conector of the cartridge are compatibles with VGA definitions, including the optional 5V in PIN 9!

As we are receiving many requests to make a new V9990 Powergraph batch, here we comes!

The boards are already in the oven, but we have few units of V9990 chip! So, if you want to take your cartridge, hurry! 

The pre-sale is open. Buy your cartridge now! Click here or access the Products menu on the right.