Tecnobytes News - 03/29/2016

V9990 Powergraph

The boards arrived! The assembly will start soon.
Remember! 03-31-2016 is the deadline for the V9990 Powergraph batch 02 payments (first parcel). The list will be closed in this same date. Only few cartridges availables.

V9990 Powergraph boards

OPL4 Shockwave

Cartridges ready to depart, but many users ask us to wait and send together with the V9990 Powergraph cartridge or/and the V9990 Adapter. So, we will make another check and send only the right ones...

OPL4 Shockwave Cartridges

V9990 Powergraph Adapter

We already start the V9990 Adapter production. The board design was sent to fabricator. News soon!

Apple Tecnowarp rev3

The boards arrived too! After fully tested we will start sending invoices for the first 25 users in the list. Stay tuned Tecnowarpers!

Tecnowarp rev3

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