The post office finally went back to work...

Hi Tecnobyters!

We are sorry for the delay to shipping our products.

The post office has returned to work this week.

We still waiting for some components to finish the Slot Expander.

The Double RAM will be shipped tomorrow

For more informations about the strike: http://g1.globo.com/economia/noticia/com-fim-da-greve-correios-dizem-que-entregas-devem-ser-normalizadas-esta-semana.ghtml

Use google translator, please.



Hello Tecnobyters!

DoubleRAM is sold out!

Shipping start when mail company come back to work :-/ (they are on strike).

Thank you all!


What do you want again?

This was the result:

So... we will start some new campaigns in the next days.

Thank you all for the participation!