Tecnowarp News

Hello Tecnobyters!

The improvements and tests in the Tecnowarp card still going on!

Our quest for excellence prevents us from putting the product on the market before it has a stable operation in the Apple II+ clones (TK3000//e, Unitron etc..), commonly found here in Brazil.

We hope to have good news soon!


Slot Expander - Buyers list

Hello Tecnobyters!

Here is the Slot Expander buyers list (2017-03-20):

2016-12-27Fabricio CandidoBrazil
2016-12-27Marcio NascimentoBrazil
2016-12-27Shinji YamabuchiJapan
2016-12-27Augusto AlmeidaBrazil
2016-12-28Adriano Savastano Brazil
2016-12-28Toru DomonJapan
2016-12-28Pedro de MedeirosBrazil
2016-12-29Pablo VasquesBrazil
2016-12-29Marcos AntonioBrazil
2016-12-31Jose AntonioSpain
2016-12-31Mathieu ChouinardCanada
2016-12-31Alexandre SilvaBrazil
2016-12-31AIX Health CheckEUA
2017-01-01alex menaEUA
2017-01-01Erik F. LuppesNetherlands
2017-01-02Daniel CorreaSpain
2017-01-02Volodymyr BezobiukRussia
2017-01-03Byoung Wook KimSouth Korea
2017-01-04Colin EllettUnited Kingdom
2017-01-05Yevgeniy KalininEUA
2017-01-06Emiliano FragaBrazil
2017-01-11Bjoern SkjoldhammerDenmark
2017-01-17Agustin JiménezSpain
2017-01-28Martin de VriesNetherlands
2017-01-28Enrique Javier Gonzalez RuizSpain
2017-01-30Victor MARTINEZ SANZSpain
2017-02-06William RaynerEUA
2017-02-07Carlos Milan FigueredoSpain
2017-03-02Guilherme PennaBrazil
2017-03-04Mika TähtiFinland
2017-03-05Roberto BatistaBrazil
2017-03-10Arjan van KooiNetherlands
2017-03-15Alexandre KubruslyBrazil


New MSX Product

We are producing a small batch of a new Tecnobytes product.

Will be 20 units of the most desirable product in the MSX gold era... The 4MB Memory Mapper cartridge. Called initially "Memory Max 4", this new product will be launched next month (board under production and components are all here).

The reserve list will be open soon.

The price? Only US$ 80,00 (paypal fees and shipping not included)

Don´t miss!

Slot Expander - News

Hello Tecnobyters!

The production are a little delayed. Major part of components are here. Boards still in production and we still dealing about the case / cabinet.

News soon!

Big hug!

V9990 Powergraph rev 2 - Shipping News

Hello Tecnobyters!

After all dispatched packages, only 8 still flying to your destinies. If yout don't have your Powergraph rev2 in your hands, don't worry, they will be arriving soon!


V9990 Powergraph rev 2 - Shipping News

Hello Tecnobyters!

If you bought a V9990 Powergraph rev 2 cartridge in the last batch, take a look in your email or paypal account to find your tracking number!

The packages were dispatched today (02-24-2017).


Slot Expander - News

Hello Tecnobyters!

More components are arriving... this time were the slot connectors.

Enough... :-)