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September 9, 2016

Hello Tecnobyters!

Let´s talk about what's happening here in our labs...

Apple II

After some personal problems, we are back working hard to test all capabilities of TECNOWARP. We are having instability with some machines, mainly in Brazilians Apple II clones. Let's see if we can finish this in the next few weeks...


The extra batch of OPL4 Shockwave cartridge is almost done. Five units remains in stock, two of them, "ready to go" and another 3 in assembly stage. If you want to buy yours OPL4 Shockwave cartridge, click here!

For while, take a look at this new game produced by Kai Magazine (Oscar Kenneth) compatible with OPL4 Shockwave cartridge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRdl6N7nRaE

Interested? Send a email to the developer directly: kennethalbero@hotmail.com

The Slot Expansion by Tecnobytes Classic Computers is in final stage! Soon you will have the chance to buy another great Tecnobytes product! Pre-sale will start in october 2016.

And, no, we didn't give up from the MSX computer project! ;-) Wait for news soon...

We will try to share informations directly from our lab every week. 

Thank you by support us!


OPL4 Shockwave extra batch

OPL4 Shockwave batch 2 is gone... but we will sell another extra batch with only 10 units! ***

To buy yours, you can access the product page here (or in the Products side menu).

Don't miss this chance to buy one of the best sound cartridges for your MSX!

*** The shipping will start in september.



The reserve list for second batch of OPL4 SHOCKWAVE is running. 
For more information, click here!

If you already in the list, click here to see the Status Page.

Bombaman + OPL4 Shockwave

MSX Turbo R playing the same Amiga MOD, with and without OPL4 Shockwave




After improve the sound and image, with the OPL4 Shockwave and V9990 Powergraph cartridges, now is time to improve the math capabilities of our lovely MSX machine.

As many of you may know, the Z80 CPU is not famous by your math calculations power. Thinking about it, in the end of last year, we developed a new hardware for MSX computers:

The MSX FPU Cartridge!
Yes we know! Without software, the hardware isn't usefull. This is the reason because the new cartridge isn't for sale yet. 

We are working together with the Oldbits Studio team to develop the library that will be used with the MSX-FPU cartridge. 

Do you already imagined the "Angry Bird" physics, real time calculated, in your MSX? So... you can start to imagine it now!


Update 06-11-2016

Hello Tecnobyters!

V9990 Powergraph batch 02 will start the shipment 06/13/2016. We will ship in waves to avoid problems with the Customs (as in Spain).

A OPL4 Shockwave last batch of the year is on the way! Only 30 units. Don't miss this chance.  Click here and buy yours.

Thank you all!