Hello Tecnobyters!

DoubleRAM is sold out!

Shipping start when mail company come back to work :-/ (they are on strike).

Thank you all!


What do you want again?

This was the result:

So... we will start some new campaigns in the next days.

Thank you all for the participation!


Tecnobytes presents... Double RAM! What?!

Hello Tecnobyters!

As we told before, the name Memory Max was temporary. Now, the real name is Double RAM. Why "Double RAM"? Well, this new cartridge can be used as a 4Mb Memory Mapper or as a 2Mb Megaram! The price? Still the same: US$80.00 (paypal and shipping not included).

Click here to access the product page.

Some pictures for you!

Memory Mapper Test

Megaram Test

Loading a Megaram Game