Expander II New Batch 2023


Slot Expander with volume control

- 4 Expanded slots that can fit even large cartridges;

- 35 cm buffered flat cable;

- Exclusive plastic cabinet;

- 5V External power supply (included);

- You can easely disable a slot (you don't have to remove the cartridge). Each slot have one key and one information LED; *

- "DC IN" Status LED: The main board and the cartridges are protected against incorrect voltage (low or high), any problem with the power suply, even if you forgot to conect one :-). The DC IN Status Led will blink in any of these cases; 

- High quality board (as always);

- Control volume individual por slot  

Worldwide sales.

Price USD 141,00

Shipment USD 44,00

Soon we will have it for prompt delivery, the Pre-sale is closed 

Due to the increase in shipping costs, we were forced to readjust our values

For more than one slot expander please send us an email to arrange shipping  tecnobytesbrasil@gmail.com

Paypal fees 7.0%

We need a minimum of 30 sales to be able to manufacture this new batch of Slot Expander 

The manufacturing lead time is 2.5 months from the end of the lot closing 

Vendas para o Brasil 

Preço de R$ 733,00

Pode ser pago de 3 maneiras:

Transferência bancaria (itau), Paypal e QR Code (cartão de crédito)

Interessados favor enviar uma e-mail com o CEP para calculo de frete  para: 

tecnobytesbrasil@gmail.com para calculo do frete

Nós precisamos de no minimo 30 vendas para viabilizar o a fabricação do lote 

A fabricação leve em média 2 meses e meio a contar do final do fechamento do lote