Double RAM

Product:Double RAM
Type:Memory Mapper and Megaram Cartridge
Price:See below!
Status:SOLD OUT!
Updated:NOV 30 2017

- 4Mb Memory Mapper and 2 Mb Megaram in one cartridge (can't use simultanly). 
- Now you can play Megarom converted games or use original Memory Mapper games and programs with one cartridge.



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  1. All the photos on the site show a loose ROM board stuck into the MSX cartridge slot, which seems kind of iffy to me. If I bought this thing, would I actually be getting a cartridge casing around that, or would you just be shipping me a loose board?

    Also, just to double-check, would this just be plug-and-play? Does anyone know? Like, could I put the double RAM cartridge into my 64kb Japanese MSX2+ machine, put in a disk loaded with MSX-DOS and a bunch of roms, and play those roms with execrom even if they're 512kb games, without having to do any additional fiddling around?

    Really tempted to buy one of these, but I'm a total idiot when it comes to real nitty-gritty technical stuff, so the more user-friendly this is, the more likely I am to get my money's worth out of it.

    If you guys can update with an answer on this, it would be appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Hi Thomas.
      The cartridge will have a box.
      Yes, DoubleRAM is plug&play. Just select what you want: MEGARAM or MEMORY MAPPER.
      You can use EXEROM to load MEGAROM converted games into DoubleRAM (in Megaram mode) and play the games.
      Don't worry, we will supply instructions. ;-)

  2. Boa noite !!!
    gostaria de executar a compra dessa Double Ram, lembro-me que nos anos 90 comprei aqui no RJ o cartudo FM Sound Stereo de voces, o escritorio de voces é no Rio de Janeiro?

    1. Olá Flavio! Sim ainda estamos no RJ. Infelizmente o primeiro lote já está esgotado. Obrigado pelo contato.

    2. Teremos algumas unidades disponíveis em breve!

  3. Boa Noite !!!
    voces possuem catucho de conversão Expert DDplus para MSX 2.0+?

    1. Olá! Infelizmente não temos nenhum kit de conversão, Flávio...

  4. podes me informar se fiquie no primeiro lote da doudle ram ou nao

    1. Está sim Jeferson. Obrigado pela compra. Estaremos enviando em breve.

  5. Do you have any plans to create a new batch of these?

  6. Do you have any plans to create a new batch of these?