USB Mapper New Product !!!!

As the name suggests, the USB MAPPER 512K is a USB interface (MASS STORAGE)
+ 512K Memory Mapper.
Now with USB MAPPER, you can use a USB stick to store / run your programs on MSX.
1) Compatible with MSX1, MSX2, MSX2 + and TR
2) 512K Memory Mapper
3) Uses Nextor (Operating System)
4) Native Fat 16 with partition up to 4GB
5) Hot Swap (…)
Hot Swap Examples:
Ex1: With the USB MAPPER connected, we can remove the USB Stick that in use,
connect to the PC, record one or several files and then return it to USB MAPPER
and continue using the USB stick normally in MSX.
Ex2: With USB MAPPER plugged in, we can exchange a USB stick for another FAT16
USB stick thar it will be accessing normally as the previous.
Price U$ 80.00 + U$ 38,00 Shipping
You can buy up 3 USB MAPPER and send the same shipping

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Transferência bancária (ITAU)
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Interessados favor enviar um e-mail para:
Tecnobytesbrasil@gmail.com para cálculo de frete.

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Ricardo de Pontes Oazem


Shockwave 2 New batch being sold for immediate delivery now

We are starting a new campain to produce a new OPL4 Shockwave batch, the OPL4 Shockwave 2!

We've got a new design, P2 stereo output and 2 MB of RAM!

This new product comes with the same quality as always, but some differences and new features:

1. Design

The OPL4 SHOCKWAVE 2 is smaller than your predecessor and fits in a small cartridge case.

2. Output

As the new size will not accept the RCA connectors, now we have a P2 stereo output.

3. More Output

The OPL4 sound is mixed with the internal MSX sound. So you can listen the OPL4 Shockwave 2 sound through the MSX sound output (mono).

4. More Memory

The OPL4 SHOCKWAVE 2 have twice the RAM capacity of the original OPL4 (2MB against 1MB).

New Price U$ 112,00 + U$ 38,00 Shipping

You can buy up to 3 Shockwaves 2 and send the same shipment

Sold Out