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AUDIOWAVE is fully compatible with the MSX AUDIO standard.

The standard allows you to control up to 2 cartridges simultaneously.
Chip: Y8950, with:
09 channels with FM synthesis.
01 4-bit ADPCM channel, with 8-bit and 16 Khz resolution.
RAM and ROM:
256 Kb Sample RAM
512 Kb FLASHROM, allowing BIOS upgrade.
32 Kb WorkRAM

Contains the MSX-BASIC extension and musical keyboard software in ROM.

In and out:
Line Out Jack P2.

The AudioWave sound is mixed with the internal MSX sound. So you can listen the AudioWave sound through the MSX sound output (mono)

Line In Jack P2 - used for audio capture.

Connector to use compatible musical keyboards, such as: YAMAHA YK-01, YK-10 and YK-20; Panasonic FS-MKB1; TOSHIBA HX-MU901

There is an extensive MSX software library supporting MSX-AUDIO. According to the Generation MSX website, there are about 370 softwares, including floppy magazines, games, demos and music-disks:

AudioWave video in action

New game from Kai magazine Metal Dragon to be released soon for AudioWave

Angelic Warrior DEVA complete soundtrack and arrangements


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