New Slot Expander with volume control (PRE-ORDER)


 - 4 Expanded slots that can fit even large cartridges;

- 35 cm buffered flat cable;

- Exclusive plastic cabinet (in development);

- 5V External power supply (included);

- You can easely disable a slot (you don't have to remove the cartridge). Each slot have one key and one information LED; *

- "DC IN" Status LED: The main board and the cartridges are protected against incorrect voltage (low or high), any problem with the power suply, even if you forgot to conect one :-). The DC IN Status Led will blink in any of these cases; 

- High quality board (as always);

- Control volume individual por slot  

Pictures of the new slot expander in Jau/SP/Brazil 2022

Here are the 2 expanders, the old and the new 

Worldwide sales.

Price USD 128,00

Shipment USD 38,00

Up to 2 slot expanders can be sent in the same shipment, for larger quantities please send us an email to tecnobytesbrasil@gmail.com

Paypal fees 7.0%


Vendas para o Brasil 

Preço de r$ 690,00

Pode ser pago de 3 maneiras:

Transferência bancaria (itau), Paypal e QR Code (cartão de crédito)

Interessados favor enviar uma e-mail com o CEP para calculo de frete  para: 

tecnobytesbrasil@gmail.com para calculo do frete.