This new product comes with the same quality as always, but some differences and new features:

1. Design

The OPL4 SHOCKWAVE 2 is smaller than your predecessor and fits in a small cartridge case.

2. Output

As the new size will not accept the RCA connectors, now we have a P2 stereo output.

3. More Output

The OPL4 sound is mixed with the internal MSX sound. So you can listen the OPL4 Shockwave 2 sound through the MSX sound output (mono).

4. More Memory

The OPL4 SHOCKWAVE 2 have twice the RAM capacity of the original OPL4 (2MB against 1MB).

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Shipment USD 44,00

You can buy up to 3 Shockwaves 2 and send the same shipment

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Powergraph Light Rev 2, Pre-sales few units !!!


Powergraph Light Rev 2 with built-in adapter

We thank our customers, because the 
entire new batch of Powergraph Light Rev 2 
has been sold out !!!

  •     Multiple signal connector (RGB/15khz VGA pinout).
  •     Svideo and Compisite video include in cartridge
  •     VRAM: 512kb (Dual Port). Extremely fast access.
               Up to 32768 simultaneous colors (YJK's, from V9958, can clip the colors in order to the proper range).
  •     Up to 64 palletes, using up to 32768 colors. The R, G, B levels can go from 0 to 31 (V9958 colors' range can go from 0 to 7).
  •     Interlace.
  •     Overscan (full screen).
  •     Smooth vertical (up to 16 pages) and horizontal scroll (up to 8 pages).
  •     Faster hardware commands.
  •     No bottleneaks in records and VRAM access.
  •     Resolutions: 256 x 212, 384 x 240, 512 x 212, 768 x 240 among others.
  •     Up to 256 sprites.
  •     Up to 125 simultaneous sprites on the screen.
  •     Up to 16 sprites in the same line.
  •     Full color sprites (V9938 and V9958 can handle only one color per sprite line).
  •     Graphic tiled modes:
  •     P1 and P2 - Specially suitable for games (using 8x8 tiles, like screen 1 and 2).
  •     P1 - Up to 256 x 212 resolution using up to two competing plans (dual plane) with independent scrolls for each plan.
  •     P1 - similar to screen 5 (256 x 212, 16 colors), plus the tiled mode.
  •     P2 - similar to screen 7 (512 x 212, 16 colors), one plane - plus the tiled mode.

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