March 4, 2016

Tecnobytes ClassicIDE for APPLE II series computer still available. Few units (only 3). No prediction for a new batch of this item. You can access this item here!

OPL4 Shockwave batch 1 is closed. If you still interested in a new batch, please let us know. In the moment, no prediction for a new batch. Final list here!

V9990 Powergraph batch 1 was a success! You can see the final list here! Batch 2 still running. Only 30 units will be available in this batch and we will consider the firsts 30 confirmed payments. More details of this second batch here! 

Back to the Apple II line, we had a problem in the Tecnowarp card production. This caused a delay in all other (new) projects. But now, a new card (rev3) is on the oven. The prediction is that the new batch start to be dispatched in the end of this month (maybe early). So, stay tuned on the Reserve List, that still runing! Follow here!

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