The post office finally went back to work...

Hi Tecnobyters!

We are sorry for the delay to shipping our products.

The post office has returned to work this week.

We still waiting for some components to finish the Slot Expander.

The Double RAM will be shipped tomorrow

For more informations about the strike: http://g1.globo.com/economia/noticia/com-fim-da-greve-correios-dizem-que-entregas-devem-ser-normalizadas-esta-semana.ghtml

Use google translator, please.



Hello Tecnobyters!

DoubleRAM is sold out!

Shipping start when mail company come back to work :-/ (they are on strike).

Thank you all!


What do you want again?

This was the result:

So... we will start some new campaigns in the next days.

Thank you all for the participation!


Tecnobytes presents... Double RAM! What?!

Hello Tecnobyters!

As we told before, the name Memory Max was temporary. Now, the real name is Double RAM. Why "Double RAM"? Well, this new cartridge can be used as a 4Mb Memory Mapper or as a 2Mb Megaram! The price? Still the same: US$80.00 (paypal and shipping not included).

Click here to access the product page.

Some pictures for you!

Memory Mapper Test

Megaram Test

Loading a Megaram Game


4Mb Memory Mapper - News

Hello Tecnobyters!

Tecnobytes 4MB Memory Mapper on the workbench right now for final tests!

The sales will starts soon...




Tecnowarp News

Hello Tecnobyters!

The improvements and tests in the Tecnowarp card still going on!

Our quest for excellence prevents us from putting the product on the market before it has a stable operation in the Apple II+ clones (TK3000//e, Unitron etc..), commonly found here in Brazil.

We hope to have good news soon!


New MSX Product

We are producing a small batch of a new Tecnobytes product.

Will be 20 units of the most desirable product in the MSX gold era... The 4MB Memory Mapper cartridge. Called initially "Memory Max 4", this new product will be launched next month (board under production and components are all here).

The reserve list will be open soon.

The price? Only US$ 80,00 (paypal fees and shipping not included)

Don´t miss!

Slot Expander - News

Hello Tecnobyters!

The production are a little delayed. Major part of components are here. Boards still in production and we still dealing about the case / cabinet.

News soon!

Big hug!

V9990 Powergraph rev 2 - Shipping News

Hello Tecnobyters!

After all dispatched packages, only 8 still flying to your destinies. If yout don't have your Powergraph rev2 in your hands, don't worry, they will be arriving soon!


V9990 Powergraph rev 2 - Shipping News

Hello Tecnobyters!

If you bought a V9990 Powergraph rev 2 cartridge in the last batch, take a look in your email or paypal account to find your tracking number!

The packages were dispatched today (02-24-2017).


Slot Expander - News

Hello Tecnobyters!

More components are arriving... this time were the slot connectors.

Enough... :-)


V9990 Powergraph rev2 - Pinout

Hello Tecnobyters!

How we told before, the V9990 Powergraph rev2 RGB connector is VGA compatible.


If you want to use the V9990 Powergraph rev2 with a SCART monitor/tv, 
you can use a regular VGA to SCART adapter:

V9990 Powergraph Rev2 Shipping news

Hello Tecnobytes!

The second (big) half of V9990 Powergraph rev2 were assembled and are in the workbench for final quality tests right now.

In few days this last batch will be dispatched. Stay tuned!

Thank you all!

Slot Expander - news

Hello Tecnobyters!

The slot expander components starts to arrive!

More news soon...


Slot Expander - News

Hello Tecnobyters!

Even though we haven't yet reached the goal, we decided to produce the Slot Expander.
Some changes will be necessary. We are looking at a cheaper way to produce the cabinet.

So thanks to everyone who had already paid for the Slot Expander, and if you don't bought it yet... don't miss the chance.

See ya!