Apple II Classic IDE - Shipment

Hello Tecnobyters!

This post is exclusively for the Classic IDE buyers:

As we said before, we had some problems with the Classic IDE boards.

But we have already received a new batch and the plan is that we will send everything during these two weeks!

We have 50% ready to dispatch and 50% in the test procedure.

Some people said we do not respond to emails ... That IS NOT TRUE. We respond to all emails.

If you have any questions, you can send an email to tecnobytesbrasil@gmail.com or use the contact form, here in the blog. We will respond as soon as possible.

In Tecnobytes you can trust!

Merry Christmas!


Working hard

Hello Tecnobyters!

We are working hard to dispatch another 20 units of the MSX SLOT EXPANDER soon!

Thank you all!


Weekly Report - 09 / 11 / 2017

Hello Tecnobyters!

The AppleII Classic IDE and MSX Ethernet are already in the oven. Only 10 Classic and 3 Ethernet units remain.

Another batch that is also in the oven is the CPC V9990 Powergraph. We reached the minimum number a few days ago. We decide to make some units more, so... we have some units left!

And ... the MSX V9990 Powergraph Light boards arrived and we're assemblying. Until the end of the month we have already started sending.



MSX SLOT EXPANDER - First units on the way...

Hello Tecnobyters!

Yesterday we dispatched the first units of Slot eXpander!

Take a look at your email and make sure you have received a tracking number!

If so ... you're in luck! :-D

If not... don't worry! You will receive yours soon...


Shipping Costs and Paypal Fees...

Hello Tecnobyters!

Well... this post is about the shipping costs and paypal fees...

We don't know if some people are putting in doubt our values (or not)... but this is a good chance to explaind and clarify everything...

Lets start:

Paypal fees:

Here in Brazil, paypal do not accept "gift way".

The paypal fee is 7.4% + a fixed value. So, to simplify, we use 7,5%.

This is a print screen from the paypal help page about the paypal fees:

So... this is out of our control. We don't have another way to sell (with security).

Shipping value:

The cheapest value to shipping, with tracking is about US$30.00 to US$35.00. Add to it, box, label and sometimes antistatic plastic... so, US$35.00 some times do not cover all costs!

Let´s see this example... this is an Apple II item from ebay. Look the cost to send this item to me, here in Brazil...

What you think? And we will pay 60% for customs house tax...

And... to finish...

This is a real example from a Classic IDE payment received:

Look the value that we received at the end (subtract 35.00) and.. this is what left for us...

We can't do anything else about paypal or shipping costs...sorry.

Thank you all that suppot us!


V9990 CPC Powergraph - Presale status

Hello Tecnobyters!

We just now pass the 20 units sold!

Keep going friends!

Thank you all!


V9990 CPC Powergraph - Presale

Hello Tecnobyters!

The presale for V9990 CPC Powergraph is open!

Click here and reserve yours! 

Slot Expander News

Hello Tecnobyters!

The firsts units of our Slot Expander for MSX computers will start to leaving the Tecnobytes HQ in few days...

Some pictures for you...


V9990 Powergraph Light - Presale

Hello Tecnobyters!

The V9990 Powergraph Light presale will finish in the next saturday (08/12/2017) !

Don't miss this chance!

Thank you all!


What? Amstrad CPC running with V9990 Powergraph? How, when, where?

Hello Tecnobyters!

The challenge was accepted and the result is here.

We made a V9990 Powergraph prototype (based on V9990 Powergraph Light) to be used with an Amstrad CPC computer.

We also made this little demo to show some capabilities of this hardware.

We hope you enjoy it.

V9990 Powergraph + Amstrad CPC Computer


Slot Expander - Few units left

Hello Tecnobyters!

We still have some few Slot Expander units left to reserve...

Sincerely, we have no plans to another batch!

So... take this chance and reserve yours!

Click here for details

Thank you all for support us.


Wholesale sales

Hello Tecnobyters!

As we know, one of the biggest problem on our final price is the shipping costs, right?!

So, to try to avoid (or minimize) this problem, now we have Wholesale sales options for the V9990 Powergraph Light, MSX Ethernet and Classic IDE.

Lets see if it is a good choice... a little of math...

We reserve the right to correct any value at any time
Make a buyer group, call for your friends or simply enjoy the chance to buy more for less... Or maybe you prefer resale one or two units and minimize your costs!


MSX Ethernet
Classic IDE
V9990 Powergraph Light


Presale ahead!

Hello Tecnobyters!

As we promised some days ago, let's start a new campaign... in fact, two!

The first one is for the AppleII family...


For more details about Classic IDE presale, click here!

And the second and last one (for while), we bring back to you...


And for more details about MSX ETHERNET presale, click here!

Slot Expander - News

Hello Tecnobyters!

In fact, a Slot Expander isn't a big deal when we think merely in the project... but, when you see all things involved... Wow! It is a huge project!

Two boards to assembly and test, flat cable to mount, power supply, buttons and the worst of all... the case!

To acomplish with we want, we had to make our own tools to make the cabinet! We made the desing, send to a company to make the laser cut, but in the end, all job was make on our labs (sometimes in home too!)... the curves, the template to the curves... and many others...
Why? The company that make the laser cuts, don't garantee to us all curves will be equals...

What?! No way... let's do it!

It was harder than we think, but finally we are start to see the light at the end of tunnel...

We expeted to start the shipping in firsts days of july.

Thank you all for the patience!

We are very happy with the final result! Some pictures for you...