Tecnobytes News - 03/29/2016

V9990 Powergraph

The boards arrived! The assembly will start soon.
Remember! 03-31-2016 is the deadline for the V9990 Powergraph batch 02 payments (first parcel). The list will be closed in this same date. Only few cartridges availables.

V9990 Powergraph boards

OPL4 Shockwave

Cartridges ready to depart, but many users ask us to wait and send together with the V9990 Powergraph cartridge or/and the V9990 Adapter. So, we will make another check and send only the right ones...

OPL4 Shockwave Cartridges

V9990 Powergraph Adapter

We already start the V9990 Adapter production. The board design was sent to fabricator. News soon!

Apple Tecnowarp rev3

The boards arrived too! After fully tested we will start sending invoices for the first 25 users in the list. Stay tuned Tecnowarpers!

Tecnowarp rev3


V9990 Powergraph Adapter, what is it?

The cartridge V9990 Powergraph has 3 outputs: Composite Vídeo, Super Video and RGB.

The RGB output has a pinout that is incompatible with the VGA pinout. The adapter will make the RGB output compatible with VGA pinout.

What is the advantage?

a) If you have a TV or a monitor that can handle with 15Khz horizontal frequency, you can use an regular VGA cable to connect your Powergraph.

b) If you have a TV with SCART input, you can use a VGA x SCART cable.

c) The RGB output has the best image compared with the others two.

Very good
Composite Video

The adapter will cost USD 16,05 (paypal fees included)


Depósito em conta: R$55,00 (Itaú - AG 8735 - CC 16870-3)
Pagamento paypal: R$59,00

paypal: ricardo_oazem@yahoo.com.br


Tecnobytes News - 03-21-2016

V9990 Powergraph - Batch 1

We are waiting the boards. All other components already arrived. News soon...

V9990 Powergraph - Batch 2

Now is oficial. 03-31-2016 is the dead line for the V9990 Powergraph batch 02 payments (first parcel). The list will be closed in this same date. There are only 7 cartridges availables.

OPL4 Shockwave batch

The cartridges are ready for the final tests and the shipment will start this week!

V9990 Powergraph Adapter

We already have the final price for the adapter: USD 15.00 + paypal fee. If you want one, please send a e-mail to sales@tecnobytes.com.br with the subject "V9990 adapter".



As you know, there are two V9990 Powergraph batches on the way, the first with 38 cartridges (and already closed) and another one that will have 30 cartridges and still running.

We need to remember you that we take in count the payment order. In the last time that we saw the list, 21 cartridges already been sold. So, if you didn't pay, is better hurry! And if you want one of this babies, you have chance yet!

Some people are asking about cables. The V9990 Powergraph don't come with cables, but, we are thinking to make some adapters for sell. We will provide the DB15 pinout, so anyone can do your own adapter or cable.

The boards are in production and the prediction is that in 10 to 15 days we will put our hands on to start the assembly.

Follow any new batch accessing the links on the side menu "New Batches".

Thank you by your support!



March 4, 2016

Tecnobytes ClassicIDE for APPLE II series computer still available. Few units (only 3). No prediction for a new batch of this item. You can access this item here!

OPL4 Shockwave batch 1 is closed. If you still interested in a new batch, please let us know. In the moment, no prediction for a new batch. Final list here!

V9990 Powergraph batch 1 was a success! You can see the final list here! Batch 2 still running. Only 30 units will be available in this batch and we will consider the firsts 30 confirmed payments. More details of this second batch here! 

Back to the Apple II line, we had a problem in the Tecnowarp card production. This caused a delay in all other (new) projects. But now, a new card (rev3) is on the oven. The prediction is that the new batch start to be dispatched in the end of this month (maybe early). So, stay tuned on the Reserve List, that still runing! Follow here!


V9990 Powergraph Batch 01 - User group

Users in the first batch of V9990 Powergraph, please take a look in the status page. 

You already can pay the second part.

Please, pay attention in the informations.

Thank you by support us!