MSX Ethernet New Batch 2020!!!

After a market research, we decided to fulfill a request from our consumers:

The Tecnobytes MSX Ethernet Cartridge (Obsonet2 compatible).
Javi Lavandeira wrote a very nice review about our cartridge.
MSX Ethernet Review


Worldwide Sales.


You can buy the first unit plus shipping, and we can send up to three units with the same shippment.

Paypal Fees 7,0%


Vendas para o Brasil:

Preço USD 69.00 valor do dia da compra

Envie e-mail com endereço completo para calculo de frete.


Formas de pagamento:

Transferncia bancaria 

Paypal USD 69 + 7% taxas paypal
QR Code (cartão de credito)

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