V9990 Powergraph Light - FAQ

  1. Why make the V9990 Powergraph Light?
    • The objective was, in first of all, make a lower cost cartridge, period. 
  2. Why you remove the SVIDEO and Video Composite outputs?
    • To lower project costs and to make the board fit in a small case (the big cartridge cases are hard to find and with high prices).
  3. But... the board doesn't fit entirely in the small cartridge case... (the RGB connector is out of the box). I can design one that fit!
    • In fact, anyone can, it is not a big deal. It was a choice. Have you idea of the work involved when we have to cut the box, sanding, trimming ... 50 or more units?!?!?! This was out of the question at the moment. It's a huge job. We choose... lower costs! (again).
  4. The adapter is included when you purchase Powergraph Light (SVIDEO and Video Composite output)
  5. The V9990 Powergraph Light lost some functionality?
    • Definitely not! The board works like any other V9990 Powergraph!
  6. Wow!? US$38.00 for the Shipping (worldwide). Is it correct?
    • Yes! We ship the package to worldwide and shipping costs are correct (tracking number included). Unfortunately we don't have a cheaper option...
  7. Does it have VGA compatible signals on it or just 15 kHz VGA style?
  8. Can I use a PC 31Khz VGA monitor?
    • Definately NOT! Only 15 kHz monitors.
  9. But... no case is provided, isn't it?
    • Powergraph we will be supplied  with the case (and a nice label :-D)
  10. Can I use a VGA to Scart adapter?
    • Yes, you can! Just choose a good one... There are some low quality adapters in the market...
  11. Can I use the "Shipping NOT included" option to buy the V9990 Powergraph Light cartridge?
    • Use "Shipping NOT included" option ONLY if you have some item bought (with shipping already paid) and you want the Powergraph Lite will be shipped together with this item. Inform your choice in the paypal form at the end of payment. Any doubt, please, send us an e-mail: tecnobytesbrasil@gmail.com

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