Hello Tecnobyters !!

You asked again.

Here goes a new Powergraph Light batch!

This new release brings to you the same quality as before, but in a small size cartridge.  So we started to design the new printed circuit board. So, we decided to remove the S-VIDEO and composite output, but you can use an adapter where you can have these video outputs include on package. The Powergraph Light has its RGB output pinout full compatible with the VGA (HD15) output pinout, even with +5V in pin 9.

Here goes a video Life on Earth, the newest game from Kai Magazine.

  •     Multiple signal connector (RGB/15khz VGA pinout).
  •     VRAM: 512kb (Dual Port). Extremely fast access.
               Up to 32768 simultaneous colors (YJK's, from V9958, can clip the colors in order to the proper range).
  •     Up to 64 palletes, using up to 32768 colors. The R, G, B levels can go from 0 to 31 (V9958 colors' range can go from 0 to 7).
  •     Interlace.
  •     Overscan (full screen).
  •     Smooth vertical (up to 16 pages) and horizontal scroll (up to 8 pages).
  •     Faster hardware commands.
  •     No bottleneaks in records and VRAM access.
  •     Resolutions: 256 x 212, 384 x 240, 512 x 212, 768 x 240 among others.
  •     Up to 256 sprites.
  •     Up to 125 simultaneous sprites on the screen.
  •     Up to 16 sprites in the same line.
  •     Full color sprites (V9938 and V9958 can handle only one color per sprite line).
  •     Graphic tiled modes:
  •     P1 and P2 - Specially suitable for games (using 8x8 tiles, like screen 1 and 2).
  •     P1 - Up to 256 x 212 resolution using up to two competing plans (dual plane) with independent scrolls for each plan.
  •     P1 - similar to screen 5 (256 x 212, 16 colors), plus the tiled mode.
  •     P2 - similar to screen 7 (512 x 212, 16 colors), one plane - plus the tiled mode.

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