OPL4 Shockwave 2 - New product

Hello Tecnobyters!

Let´s talk about the new OPL4 SHOCKWAVE 2.

This new product comes with the same quality as always, but we have to talk about some differences and new features:


1. Design

The OPL4 SHOCKWAVE 2 is smaller than your predecessor and fit in a small cartridge case.

2. Output

As the new size will not accept the RCA connectors, now we have a P2 stereo output.

3. More Output

The OPL4 sound is mixed with the internal MSX sound. In others words, you can listen the OPL4 SHOCKAWAVE 2 sound throug the MSX sound output (mono).

4. More Memory

The OPL4 SHOCKWAVE 2 have twice capacity of RAM of the original OPL4 (2MB against 1MB).

Well.. let´s talk about the new batch:

1. We will post here on the site the list of buyers in the order in which we are receiving payments. So everyone can follow the progress. This update can take up to 48 hours to complete; Check the list in the end of this post!

2. If we can not reach the minimum quantity of 20 units, we will cancel the project and return the payments;

3. We will only begin to buy the parts and send the plate for manufacturing when that number is reached;

4. Between the purchase of parts, manufacturing and later assembly, we can have from 2 to 3 months. It all depends on customs and our couriers. We will keep everyone informed;

That said ... let's go to values:

1. Each OPL4 Shockwave 2 cartridge: US $ 140.00
2. Shipping to anywhere in the world: $ 38.00 (up to three units we can ship with this amount - above that, send us an email)
3. Paypal fees: 7.5%