MSX SLOT EXPANDER - First units on the way...

Hello Tecnobyters!

Yesterday we dispatched the first units of Slot eXpander!

Take a look at your email and make sure you have received a tracking number!

If so ... you're in luck! :-D

If not... don't worry! You will receive yours soon...


  1. Okay, no email, so no shipment. This is really taking long. When will more be shipped? I order the Slot Expander on the 23rd of March 2017! It's 6 months ago, and I asked specifically if it was in stock, and you said yes. But that was not true, actually. I have been very patient, but my patience is now running thin.

    1. If you don't want to wait anymore, we can cancel your order and make a PayPal refund. No problem friend.

  2. Hi Mike, how are you?
    We have orders since December 2016. We are following the row. Unfortunately I can't carry more boxes to the mail at once time...

    Big hug!

    1. Very well , I'll just wait some more then. Hopefully soon now. :)