Tecnowarp News

Tecnowarp is an accelerator board compatible with Apple ][+ and Apple //e computers.

With four speed options by software (1.0, 2.0, 3.6 and 7.2 Mhz), is easy to find the best speed to play games and run applications on your favourite Apple machine.

With an external button, you can turn the turbo mode on and off.

The board use new technologies and run faster than any other already made 
with low energy consumption.

The board comes with 512KB RAM and can be totally disabled by software 
without you need to pull it off the machine . 

The firmware can be easily updated in the future and the main settings 
are made via menu. Forget the jumpers.

We are starting a reserve list for the first batch of TecnoWarp accelerator board!

The shipping prediction is middle of december, before Christmas.

The price is US$ 250.00 (paypal fees and shipping costs not included)

You will not pay anything now.

If you are really interested, please, click here and fill the form!

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