Classic IDE - Apple 2

Classic IDE is the second generation of the Apple IDE board, with a new firmware and design.

CFFA 2.0 was the inspiration for Apple IDE and Classic IDE. A superb job from Dreher. Since the first version (Apple IDE), the layout and components of the board are completely different. Was a lot of work, in the project and in the design of the new board. Even who have no electronic acknowledgement, can see that cards are completely different. So, if the components and boards are differents, how the firmware will be the same? Have no way... so the firmware was changed too. In the first time was made little changes (not just name on the main screen... :-p). The main core was the same. 

Now, in the second version called Classic IDE, we change again the board design and the core was really changed in many aspects.

Change the EEPROM from 8KB to one with 32KB, apparently is a simply change. In the hardware side, maybe, but in the firmware, no. A new procedure was developed do manage this new amount of memory, a new procedure was made to show the splash screen (it is no so simply too). Who knows the memory management of Apple II can imagine. 

Another change (but not the last) that I can talk, without extend to much, is the firmware update. In the CFFA firmware, when we make an update, is necessary to make the update for each slot that you want to use the board. In the new firmware, it is no needed. Just update once, in only one slot, and the board can be used in any slot.

There are many new auxiliary routines in the new firmware. There are space for it, with the new 32KB EEPROM.

Now is in development a new firmware update program, where you can upload, more than two firmwares. This firmwares can be selected by software, and not only by jumpers on the board.

The great similarity with CFFA still on menu, that is simply and usefull. We are working in a new version too.

So... there many work made (and to make...)
Apple IDE and Classic IDE will never forget their origins, but they do not are CFFA2.0 clones... We are very thankfull by the Derher show your hard work.

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