IDE MAPPER - Reserve List

Rules and Informations

1. There are 20 units of IDE-MAPPER 512KB;

2. To reserve your IDE MAPPER 512KB you must fill the form below and submit to Tecnobytes Classic Computers. We will follow the receive order to reserve the cartridges;

3. We will send an email with informations to make the payment; Only make the payment after receive this email! You will have 72 hours (weekend do not count) to make de payment;

4. The shippment will start in 05-05-2015.

5. The price include shipping (worldwide), handling and insurance.

Brasil (frete por PAC + manuseio + seguro incluídos)
Forma de PagamentoValor
Transferência bancária (Itaú)BRL 320,00
PayPalBRL 342,40 (320,00 + 7% taxa do PayPal) 

Worldwide (international shipping + handling + insurance included)
Payment methodValue
PayPalBRL 406,60 (380,00 + 7% paypal fees, something like US$129.00)

Compact Flash Kit (Compact Flash Adapter + 2GB Compact Flash Card)
Payment methodValue
PayPalBRL 85,60 (80,00 + 7% paypal fees, something like US$27.00)
Depósito (Brasil)BRL 80,00

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