Classic IDE - FAQ

Classic IDE

  1. What is it?
    • Classic IDE is a board that allow Apple II computer family to use IDE devices, like IDE hard disks, for example.
  2. Why IDE? Why not SATA?
    • An IDE device is a little more flexible. You can use a IDE to CF adapter to use Compact Flash cards. 
    • You can use an IDE to CF/SD adapter and use a SD card. 
    • You can use an IDE to SATA adapter and use a SATA device.
  3. How can I use it?!
  4. What is the final price?
    • The Worldwide shipping value is US$35.00. This is the cheaper way with tracking number and insurance.
    • Add to it the Paypal fees (7%) - click on the image below...
  5. Wow! The shipping is 2/3 of the product value...
    • Yes... we know. We try to put the lower possble value... but we can't do anything about the shipping...
    • The only way is a "group buy" so.. we can send some units in only one shipping...
  6. Any doubts?
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