Classic IDE - Reserve List

Rules and Informations:


All 50 units were reserved. You can still entering in the list, but have no guarantee to receive the product (only if someone give up). You will be in the waiting list.

Thank you all by the support!

1. There are 50 units of Classic IDE;

2. To reserve your Classic IDE you must fill the form below and submit to Tecnobytes Classic Computers. We will follow the receive order to reserve the boards;

3. We will send an email with informations to make the payment; Only make the payment after receive this email! You will have 48 hours (weekend do not count) to make de payment;

4. The shippment will start in 03-30-2015.

5. The price include shipping (worldwide), handling and insurance.

Brasil (frete por PAC + manuseio + seguro incluídos)
Forma de PagamentoValor
Transferência bancária (Itaú)BRL 270,00
Pag SeguroBRL 283,50 (270,00 + 5% taxa PagSeguro)
PayPalBRL 288,90 (270,00 + 7% taxa do PayPal) 

Worldwide (international shipping + handling + insurance included)
Payment methodValue
PayPalBRL 351,10 (330,00 + 7% paypal fees, something like US$108.00)

6. The board do not comes with CF Adapter nor CF card;

 Thank you!!!

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