V9990 CPC Powergraph

Product:V9990 CPC Powergraph
System:Amstrad CPC
Type:Video Cartridge
Status:SOLD OUT!
Updated:FEB 20-2018

V9990 CPC Powergraph

A little of history...

Some time ago, a MSX user, SymbOS fan (more informations about SymbOS here), found us and proposed a challenge... Make a V9990 Powergraph version for Amstrad CPC computer line. 

But, what is the point?!?!

Both lines of computers, MSX and CPC, have some things in common, as the Z80 processor... and more expecificly, both machines have a SymbOS version. In this case, the difference, is that the MSX SymbOS run on the V9990 yamaha chip... Wow... This is the point!

Edo (the SymbOS fan), and Jörn (the SymbOS guy), supply us with all we need to make this come true! They sent to us, an Amstrad CPC computer and many peripherals that make out job possible! Thank you very much guys!

So here we are...

All MSX programs and games made for V9990 can be ported to CPC.

You can produce and sell a game for MSX and CPC!

And better of all... You will improve the power of your CPC!

Some specs:

  • Connector with multiple signals (RGB/15khz VGA pinout)
  • 512kb of VRAM (Dual Port Sam) extremely fast access
  • Display up to 32,768 simultaneous colors (without being " truncated " as is YJK)
  • 64 pallets of a set of 32,768 colors. The levels of R, G and B can vary from 0 to 31 ( in V9938 and V9958 these levels range from 0 to 7)
  • Interlace
  • Overscan (full screen)
  • Smooth scroll (vertically and horizontally)
  • Hardware commands faster and many advanced
  • Quick access to records and VRam (no "bottlenecks")
  • Has several screens of V9938 and V9958 (5,6,7,8,10,11 and 12), but with more pages. The Screen5, for example, has 16 pages!
  • Possibility of vertical scroll up to 16 pages and horizontal scroll up to 8 pages
  • Resolutions: 256 x 212 , 384 x 240 , 512 x 212 , 768 x 240 among other
  • The number of Sprites rises to 256 and can be displayed simultaneously on the screen up to 125 of them and up to 16 on the same line
  • The sprites are composed of 16 x 16 points and each point can have a different color
  • Graphics modes for gaming (Tiled mode):
  • P1 and P2 are two graphics modes are especially suitable for games (they are tiled 8x8 similar to screens 1 and 2)
  • P1 : It has a resolution of 256x212 with the possibility of up to 2 concurrent plans (dual plane) with scroll independently for each plan
  • The P1 mode has the same characteristics of the MSX screen5 (256x212 with 16 colors) only "Tiled"
  • P2 is 512x212 resolution with only one plane and 16 colors, similar to MSX screen7


  1. Amazing!

    Will final design use the genlock function to mix the native output at power on? This will give a unique video output.

  2. When will these be available for sale again?

  3. Hi.Have you got a V9990 CPC Powergraph ?

  4. Hi, have you got V9990 CPC Powergraph, now ?

  5. Is it available for sale again?

  6. I want to buy one! When more?